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The Importance of the Immigrations Background Check

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The Importance of the Immigrations Background Check

People from different countries and from different walks of life love to travel and sometimes consider migrating to some countries with greener pasture. In the process of migration, people will have to undergo the immigration background check. One of the countries that are mostly considered for greener pasture is the United States of America. Citizens of the countries of Asia, Africa and even Europe are being drawn to the country.

Any applications for gaining the benefits of the U.S immigration will require a proper immigrations background check. Passing the background check will establish the individualís residence eligibility. The background check for the migration purpose is performed by the agency in-charged of the process. The agency of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the federal agency that handles the checks on the applicants of the immigration visa processing. The background check for this purpose must be done by the USCIS without the bias with regards to the national origin, ethnicity or religious aspect of every applicant to ensure the reliability of the check results.

Presently, due to the 9/11 attack that the country of the United States of America has experienced, the volume and scope of the immigrations background checks increased highly. This is for the security purposes of the country and its citizens. However, a huge number of applicants were routinely inspected and passed the test without incidents. On the other hand, the advocates on the procedure of the USCIS were very concerned with the time-consuming procedure. The procedure is really taking a long time because of the three-tier approach on their background check process. The wait on the process will cause an applicant to wait for a year or more for the result.

The three-tier process involved in the investigation technique of the immigrations background check involves the Interagency Border Inspections System (IBIS) Name Check, FBI Fingerprint Check and the FBI Name Checks. The three different investigations must be passed by the applicant before an interview schedule will be given. Whenever there are negative results on any of these investigations done, then the process for the migration will be nil.

The very first process of IBIS is a multi-agency, centralized system that gets information from different sources, this process is instantaneous and will immediately know if the applicant is qualified or when further background checking can take place. In the fingerprinting check of the FBI, the result will usually take 24 to 48 hours, when any criminal records will be found, an adjudicator from the USCIS will then determine the possibility of continuity or discontinuity of the investigation. When the records or violation dictates ineligibility for a green card to be awarded to the applicant, discontinuation of the immigrations background check will be recommended. The last procedure will be the name check, which handles records of any individual applicant on their other files like administrative, employment and any other records for confirmation and proper identification of the person. This takes around 14 days or longer when further resolution of some results will require further investigations. When all these are passed, then the applicant will be looking forward to a bigger chance of getting into the United States of America to live or work.

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