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The Federal Background Check

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The Federal Background Check

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a big agency in the United States that caters to many security purposes of the country and its individual citizens. The criminal justice and enforcements of the law in the country are also performed by the FBI. This serves as a good way for background checking for many different purposes giving rise to the Federal background check (FBC).

Since the FBI is the centralized body that handles the inter-state documents of all individuals in its wide array of records, getting a federal background check can provide the party that requires it with thorough and complete information about the individual. Even international criminal records can be secured from the agency at times. The reasons for this kind of background check are also numerous; it can be for employment, migration purposes and even for clearing criminal suspicions of an individual. The agency of the FBI also assists in many investigative body of the country in cooperation with other government body like the immigration, criminal and local government.

The federal background check can provide complete information for each individual based on the fingerprint records, name check and foreign records that are kept in a secured database they have. This kind of check done on an individual is sometimes required for certain jobs. The FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) can be accessed for this purpose. Some jobs may even require extensive investigations that may need the database that the federal agency can provide.

One reason for having the Federal Bureau of Investigation perform the check is to have relevant information from a reliable source. What can usually be provided in the background checks are information like social security number, driving records, property ownership, bankruptcy, vehicle registration, education records, employment records, military records, character references, personal references, court records, credit records, neighbor interviews, state licensing records, incarceration records, criminal records, workers’ compensation, drug test records, medical records and sex offenders lists. As you can see, the federal background check can provide all these records that are not all from public sources. This is because the FBI that is performing the background check is legally entitled to them, so any of the above information may be given when a request is approved.

The investigation of the federal background check follows the rules in getting and reporting only essential information. The individual being investigated in this process needs not to fear of getting negative reports on their records compared to other private companies that are sometimes hired to do the investigation. It can really be an uncomfortable feeling knowing that people are poking around your private or personal information. The correctness of information is reliable in this process; there will be no need for you to worry when you know that there is nothing negative in your record that was made just recently. Nevertheless, when some negative information was unearthed from several years ago with negative impact on your record, this may just cause you further investigation and may not affect your employment application especially when the nature is petty. It may still be different though when you are applying for a loan since the records on bankruptcy will be considered as long as 10 years ago.

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