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How to Use People Finders To Market to the Right Prospect On the Web

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How to Use People Finders To Market to the Right Prospect On the Web

If you are in the business of marketing to business owners, I have a novel way to reach targeted prospects that will allow you to contact them regarding your services without spamming or intruding on them with annoying telemarketing calls. I use this as a matter of course because my business is working with small businesses on the Internet. I show people who own small businesses how easy it is to use the Web to do business.

There are a few sites on line that will allow you to obtain a wealth of information on almost anyone. There are lots of public access databases in which you can sort information but the problem is time and resources. Who has the time to dig through massive amounts of public records to try to find one person? Thatís where the use of people finder sites comes in.

I have found that if I want to do people research, I go to several websites that will do background checks and other kinds of searches for its members. Here is one example; I read in my local business newspaper that an executive got a promotion in a mid-sized company that Iíve wanted to approach for a while. I went to one of my people finder websites and did a personal search. I was able to learn a lot about this person and how to get a hold of him at home. I then sent a personal letter of congratulations with no obvious indication of my business to his house and let him know that I acknowledged his accomplishments.

I then used a Google tool that alerted me whenever his name came up on the Internet in a news story. I was able to connect with him at his office with short notes and my name about once a month. Most of this was automated and geared to highlighting his main interests. Within six months I was able to meet with him face to face and it was as if we already knew each other.

Obviously, you can take the issue of background checks and people location to a level of obsession. Some folks can make toothbrushes into an obsession, just be judicious in your application of your research. The idea is to use these people finder research tools to get a handle on your prospects and their environment. People work better with those they can relate to. Rather than being a pushy salesperson, you can use the public records to locate your ideal business prospects.

Contacting someone by personal letter with a short note is far more impressive than sending out spam. You can get birth records and anniversary information and send out personal cards to your prospects that leave a positive impression when you contact them for business. Using people search for business contacts can be very rewarding.

The research can also alert you to possible problems with intended prospects. There are those whom you will want to stay clear of as well.

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