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How To Make A Six Figure Income In The People Finding Business

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How To Make A Six Figure Income In The People Finding Business

Many years ago I worked as an event photographer for a company that hosted and conducted reunions. One owner, who commissioned me to do group shots and portraits at his seasonal events, was an older gentleman who always had time to chat and mingle with the guests at these events. He seemed to know everyone and got lots of complements on his events every time.

One night I sat with him during a slow period in the event and asked him how he seemed to know everyone and connected so well with his guests. He winked and hinted that he knew more about his guests than they did about each other. Later that year I found out why.

I contacted him regarding upcoming events and he indicated that he was selling his very lucrative event business to focus on his main line of work. He was making a lot of money finding people for class reunions; assisting clients obtain lost unclaimed money and helping law offices with estate claims. He had gotten so involved in this aspect of his business that he no longer wanted to pursue the event portion of his company.

I asked him to tell me more. He mentioned that years ago he started conducting searches of public records to assist clients in the class reunion business to gather their lost schoolmates. They found people finding frustrating and tedious. He was able to get it done in record time and within a budget that allowed him to make a profit. He also was able to learn a lot about the principals of the events and got a lot of background information to them regarding their classmates for preparing the reunions.

As I grilled him even more he said that in the past it took a lot of time to gather the information compared to present day, even with a computer. Now he can have an entire search for a graduating class done in an hour and have all the information neatly packaged and in database format for his clients.

Many of his clients later returned to him for other services regarding finding lost relatives, navigating the ins and outs of public records regarding wills, marriage records and unclaimed cash. As his reputation grew among his class reunion clients, he found that he became very busy and no longer had time to invest in event coordination. He was making more money sitting on is bum in front of his computer!

Even though the Internet has made the job of people finding ridiculously easy, many people do not want to take the time to research large groups of people or may not know how easy it is. Those who are technologically insecure will want to have someone who knows what they are doing handle it.

You can advertise for family reunions, class reunions, military reunions, and many other events. If you want to start by coordinating the events, you can make even more money.
People finding can be profitable.

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