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Fight Back Against Abusive Callers - Use The Reverse Phone Lookup

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Fight Back Against Abusive Callers - Use The Reverse Phone Lookup

If you are one of the millions of people who are plagued by salespeople on the telephone each and every day, you now can fight back using the reverse phone lookup on the Internet.

There are now laws on the books against harassing bill collectors and rogue telemarketers who hound you incessantly. Many of the phone calls that come in can be traced using the reverse phone lookup to identify the name, address and other information on the caller.

What is a reverse phone lookup used for?

There are companies whose sole purpose is to gather data on phone numbers both listed and unlisted. They collect the data on land lines as well as cell phones. They then match the data with associated information related to the phone number.

Law enforcement and emergency services departments use this information to quickly respond to situations in which a caller is in trouble and cannot or will not leave their full information. You now can defend yourself with this knowledge using the reverse phone lookup information from online sources.

If your partner is making a lot of calls to an unknown phone number or your phone bill is showing a lot of calls to an unknown number, you can discreetly investigate without seeming to be a paranoiac.

A phone number might show up in a simple search engine quivery. You can read the information and track the source from there. Often, the number is unlisted or a cell phone. That is when you consult the experts.

Quite a few companies will now use cell phones to contact you because of the availability of caller ID. They are aware of the anonymity offered by cell phone systems and take full advantage of it.

Although there is a small cost to many of these services, it is far more beneficial to be able to contact the source and threaten them with the full extent of the law if you need to. When you demonstrate that you have power over them in regard to their information, you’ve tipped the scales in your favor.

Reverse phone lookup seems to have a wide range of uses but this particular tool is near and dear to my heart because in the past when my girlfriend was being harassed (before the age of caller ID and the star 67 function.) we were beside ourselves with solutions to the issue. We eventually found out who it was but that took months of quizzing friends and enemies alike.

I know from firsthand experience how frustrating it is to have annoying phone calls a nine o’clock at night when kids need to get to sleep. Now the ringer goes off at eight!

There are of course drawbacks to the prevalence of reverse phone lookups. The continued erosion of privacy means that we are all more exposed that ever. The saving grace is that you can be prepared to learn more about those who would intrude on your personal time and privacy at home.

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